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Not long ago, a pal of mine informed me a pal of hers was selling his Guelph home, and lamented otherwise running smoothly for him. Word from her friend was there was hardly any sales activity as well as the listing agent didn’t are taking care of getting people with the door.

She inquired about to visit take a look at your opportunity online, that we did. What I found was, obviously, your opportunity detail. Besides that, nothing. No virtual tour. No scheduled open houses for Realtors and people. Just a short write-up plus a group of dimly-lit, blurry images of the house which in fact had clearly been taken employing a smartphone. I said to my pal, “he hired a buddy… didn’t he.” And sure enough, he had. Go forward to months later, additional marketing done on the seller’s initiative (and expense, if you're able to believe it) and, as memory serves, a minumum of one otherwise two price reductions. The house sold, however it took far too long, and ultimately it went for lower than it was worth.

Why? Because someone hired a buddy who were a Guelph Realtor without first a little basic steps to ascertain whether or not his pal was a good Realtor.

I’m not implying don’t work with a friend. Outside of family you'll find nothing more important in my experience than my close friendships. However, buying or selling a property is a large investment decision and you’ve reached undertake it right, both on the buy and also the sell. Which means: Work with a good Realtor. If she or he is your friend, awesome. Speak about a win-win! One of the upsides to using a friend is the fact that, presumably, he or she knows you inside and out, and also you know that person has the back. Both of them are quite crucial when you are selling a property in Guelph.

But there may be downsides, too, as well as the main the first is this: What if your friend really isn’t the very best person for the position?
Here are your two best options, as I see it:
1. Hire Your Friend - however only after you’ve asked them to do a formal presentation, in support of if they has truly impressed you. Educate friend that you are interviewing three (or whatever number) agents and the man or she is one. In the event that friend is offended, so be it - but I would debate that any true professional on this business doesn’t take offense at being inspired to “win” someone’s business. It’s part of the job.
2. Ask Your Friend to relate You to definitely Somebody else - if you're certain you don’t want to mix business and personal. As Realtors, we've the opportunity to refer clients to colleagues, plus this we typically be given a portion of that other Realtor’s fees. Making this a means so that you can opt out of getting the friend represent you directly, but nevertheless supply him with some credit as well as the possibility to participate in the transaction in a very arms-length way. And it’s a lot easier to listen to, “We want somebody that isn’t a friend, because which is complicated - but we’d like you to acquire a referral fee… aren't can you recommend?” versus, “We felt awkward and simply called so-and-so.”

Every case is unique, each friendship is exclusive - so make use of your best judgement. But never just ‘give’ someone your business when it comes to something this important.
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