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1) Message boards : News : RiojaScience's end? (Message 636)
Posted 1030 days ago by Profile [AF>Libristes] Kether
Bad news ! But dealing with a boinc project is a great deal of time and effort, if there is no backup / support / money from other people, it's very hard, you are not the first boinc project to stop because of such issues...

Still we hope that you'll find some solution and that we'll be able to crunch (for you) in the future !

Best of luck and bon courage !

You said it all.
I discover only now the sad announcement.

We wish the best future to this exciting project if it can have one - and thank you anyway for having built it, that was cool.
2) Message boards : News : After summer ... (Message 632)
Posted 1103 days ago by Profile [AF>Libristes] Kether
I missed the previous pack of WU but am currently on the new ones (Triatomic quasiclassical trajectory calculation) - and like cykodennis above, I'm happy to see Riojascience alive and going on.

All works perfectly.

Be well !

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