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Message boards : Cafe : Hottest Hair Color Trends HAIR CARE recommendation

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Message 824 - 11 Sep 2017, 18:16:05 UTC

This year has marked the year of color. From reminder silver, peach and purple to any or all types of balayage, we’ve seen it all and these days we’ve compiled our favourite hair color trends aboard some skilled insight from senior hair stylists across city to appreciate their insight on the planning and also the thanks to know it. Watch the video below as we tend to tend to talk you through the trend, or keep scrolling to browse what we've discovered.

#1 imagination Hair

First up: imagination hair. This trend has been up and returning since Gregorian calendar month of this year where we tend to tend to saw it on celebrities like Nikki Minaj, Katy Perry and Joan Smalls And we’ve seen it all from pretty pink to chemical element yellow to baby blue. Senior hair stylist Kelly Araujo can be an enormous advocate of this trend telling U.S.,

“I totally love this trend. we tend to tend to stand live at a time instantaneously where people unit feeling terribly free in but they categorical themselves through beauty. As a stylist, I even have countless fun twiddling with imagination hair as a result of it look extraordinary in braids, updos and waves. Those terribly bring the colored hair to life.

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Message boards : Cafe : Hottest Hair Color Trends HAIR CARE recommendation

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