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Questions and Answers : Windows : Final Fantasy XIV Stormblood Preview - Dungeons

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Message 711 - 7 Jun 2017, 9:44:59 UTC

The dungeon we got to play by means of was Shishui of the Violet Tides which is for four level 63 jobs. Shishui was built by Raen refugees who fled underwater to get away in the continual wars on land. Regrettably for the Raen wraiths have taken control on the people who live there. http://www.igxe.com/FFXIV/cheap-FFXIV-Gil-FinalFantasyXIV.html

Despite the fact that we weren't swimming, as a result of being inside a bubble on the seafloor of your Ruby Sea, the feeling of being underwater was incredibly clearly conveyed regardless of never directly seeing the ocean or bubble edge. This video shows the incredibly beginning in the dungeon and every of the three boss fights. My favored fight was the last one particular which has three diverse phases and they repeat more than and more than. It wasn't tough to determine nevertheless it was very active and entertaining.

Our characters had every job leveled to 70 and I chose to play as a Ninja because though I'm familiar with it, I never routinely play a Ninja and I wanted to determine how tough it was to pick-up with the new gauge program. By the finish with the dungeon I was feeling quite comfy with it and in some cases even though I wasn't maximizing my abilities the top way doable I still felt productive and I did not really feel fully overwhelmed. I did on the other hand absolutely neglect about working with the Limit Break during the whole dungeon for the reason that I was so busy paying interest to all of the other things.

As far timing of patches post Stormblood goes Yoshi-P mentioned they program to help keep the three – 3½ month cadence they've currently been doing. He said it appears to become a good rhythm for the players which keeps them from either feeling like they run out of items to perform also promptly or really feel overwhelmed with content material. It is actually also a very good cycle for the developers due to the fact they are able to Buy Cheap FFXIV Gil consistently place out higher top quality content devoid of killing themselves. The present plan for what these patches will include is odd numbered patches may have 1 dungeon and some other new content material though even numbered patches may have two new dungeons and QOL improvements.

I also spoke briefly with Yoshi-P about if they may well add more older dungeons for the roulette program to help there be far more wide variety since it might be truly boring to only possess a couple of dungeons as possibilities. He mentioned the problem with adding older dungeons in would be the older ones which require a reduce amount of gear will be considerably a lot easier to complete than the new dungeons. Consequently, players would find yourself preferring the easier/faster dungeons and would drop group whenever they got a tougher dungeon and it is not a mentality they need to encourage.

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Questions and Answers : Windows : Final Fantasy XIV Stormblood Preview - Dungeons

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