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Message boards : Number crunching : Things to know about sideline reporter Julia Morales

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Message 701 - 25 May 2017, 12:39:30 UTC

There is a mild Internet kerfuffle involving Dave Raymond, the former Astros radio broadcaster who now calls Rangers games for Fox Sports Southwest.
In an interview on KRLD 105.3 FM , the Rangers flagship station http://www.astrosfanaticsjersey.com/michael-feliz-jersey-c-3.html, Raymond was asked to assess the Rangers recent resurgence and, in the process, noted the early season euphoria that seized Houston fans after the Astros quick start.
WHERE IT RANKS Where the Astros hot start ranks among baseball s all time bests
Two weeks ago, three weeks ago, the Astros had won the division, they were already in the World Series and they were planning the parade, Raymond said. It was laughable the Chris Devenski Jersey way people were reacting in Houston. And they were talking about burying the Rangers. Oh they re done. If we beat the Rangers in this series, in Houston, oh my God they re done. They ll be like, nine games out.
Well, yeah, OK, we the Rangers were nine games out. Now we re what, 5 ½? And there s a long, long way to go, and, they just saw their ace and former Cy Young Award winner Dallas Keuchel go on the disabled list for 10 days. And who knows if he comes off in 10 days.

Heading into Wednesday night s games, the Astros have a seven game lead over the Rangers in the American League West.
Raymond s remarks were picked up by The Dallas Morning News website, and the laughable comment http://www.astrosfanaticsjersey.com/mike-fiers-jersey-c-4.html drew a mildly arch reply from a local reader.
ASTROS REPORTER Things to know about sideline reporter Julia Morales
Raymond s reply Point was not to dis Astros. Only that teams shouldn t be buried after 25 games . Kinda like Tombstone of 05 when the Chronicle declared the Astros dead and buried en route to the National League pennant .
Happy for fans, actually. Story got twisted a bit. Astros are very good. Fans should be pumped. Rangers are okay, too. Long season.
Raymond was busy Wednesday replying to Astros fans who were piling into his Twitter mentions. Raymond has clarified that he wasn t trying to take a dig at the Astros or their fans, more about the folly of counting out another team so early in the season.
Raymond did Astros radio for seven years , including some of the team s more unfortunate years, while working with Brett Dolan alongside the late Milo Hamilton. He s now the lead TV voice in D FW http://www.astrosfanaticsjersey.com/scott-feldman-jersey-c-2.html, so things are improving for him , as they are, in recent weeks, for the Rangers.

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Message boards : Number crunching : Things to know about sideline reporter Julia Morales

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