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Message boards : Number crunching : The cnsuperpower Log Splitter can clean the turf

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Message 686 - 3 Mar 2017, 8:08:44 UTC
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Garden machinery - election Log Splitter

A: The choice of Log Splitter should be based on the size of the lawn, terrain, obstacles and how to deal with the cut down the grass to decide. Lawn area of ??more than 2000m2 or 3 acres of land, please use the self-running model to improve efficiency. Terrain ups and downs or a slight slope, optional self-propelled model. When there is a flower bed, shrub or hedge in the lawn, please use the front wheel is the model of the universal guide wheel. Three-in-one cutter in the grass or broken grass cover can be particularly suitable for grass treatment:

- side row for large area, even the place of grass, labor intensity than the grass way low.

- Set grass function for fine pruning and high quality requirements for lawns.

Lawn maintenance machinery types: lawn combing machine - sub-self and trailing two, lawn cutting machine, lawn drilling machine.

1 turf combing machine

The Log Splitter can clean the turf layer in the lawn and promote the ventilation of the lawn.

Preparation before the job: to clean up the site before the operation, pick out a variety of debris within the lawn, and marked with a prominent indicator of the location of the Log Splitter-cnsuperpower.com nozzle to prevent damage to the nozzle. Cutting roots and drilling, but also to check the soil moisture, if the soil is too dry, the tool is difficult to enter the soil, asked to work before the watering on the lawn, waiting for the softness of the soil before they can work.

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Message boards : Number crunching : The cnsuperpower Log Splitter can clean the turf

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