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Message boards : Science : Automotivedrivingbelt have developed a multi-ribbed Automotive V Belts

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Message 685 - 3 Mar 2017, 7:43:30 UTC

However, some users in their own replacement, often do not pay attention to whether the motor spindle has been transferred to the level, but the motor with the adjustment bolts to pull up, adjust a lot of wedge preload after the start. In this way, not long before the Automotive V Belts will be damaged, and there are powder from the ribbed belt peeling off. It is important to note that the motor spindle must be transferred to the level, otherwise more than the belt will be badly bite.

Because in the regulation of multi-belt with preload, usually pulley in this direction is slightly lower. In this case, the bottom corner nut on the top of the motor should be tightened and the bolt should be adjusted upward so that the front of the motor can be easily pulled up. And then tighten the top of the motor front nut, loosen the top of the motor tail nut, and then adjust the bolt up, so repeatedly adjusted until the motor spindle to the level. At the same time more with a preload to be appropriate, and the four corner of the motor all the nuts tightened.

When the installation of more than a belt, to Sassafras clean the oil on the pulley, too much oil, when the amount of grinding in the large amount of more than the belt will slip, the performance of the relative movement of the wheel and the workpiece is the abrupt stop of the wheel. In addition, the wedge belt preload can not be too small, otherwise it will slip, and there are abnormal sound. The timing belt is a closed new belt with a toothed structure with a toothed and toothed engagement to transmit movement and power. It is widely used in many industries such as machinery manufacturing, transportation and various automatic production lines , The current amount is the largest car, followed by machine tools, textile machinery.

Timing Belt Company developed the timing belt, in 90 years through the provincial ministerial level technical appraisal, the results of the domestic advanced level, can replace imports, up to the international level of 80 years. In recent years have also developed a multi-ribbed belt and trimming V-belt, have been put into mass production. These two new belts will gradually replace the traditional V-belt. Won the aviation industry total scientific and technological progress third prize, Shaanxi Provincial Education Commission scientific and technological progress third prize. At present, the above three kinds of domestic consumption is quite large, according to China Auto Parts Corporation estimates, to 200 years will reach 20 million / year, the annual output of less than 5 million, the market gap is large, far from the domestic market demand, Need a lot of imports. Has a broad market. An annual output of 250,000 calculation, investment 3 million yuan, the annual output value of 6 million yuan, the plant area of ??400 square meters.

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Message boards : Science : Automotivedrivingbelt have developed a multi-ribbed Automotive V Belts

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