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RiojaScience's end?
Hi all:

Bad news, It is hard to say that we stop riojascience project.

Triqct project is end and we are not able to launch a non-beta version of VENUS or others programs. This last is due to technical, economical, and personal issues: riojascience's team is not big and smart enough to give a quality service and feed the hungry volunteers.
However, the interrogation mark at the subject means that we hope that it is a temporally (?) shutdown. Maybe in the future riojascience comes back.

Only to say thanks all of you ...

riojascience's team.
22 Jan 2015, 9:04:25 UTC · Comment

Running on MacOs?
Hi all,
any report from volunteers running venus_beta on MacOs?

I know last week units were a disaster, but from now a new version has been released.


17 Oct 2014, 15:37:49 UTC · Comment

After summer ...
.. new test tasks sent, hope they work.

Sorry about the forum silence.

1 Sep 2014, 8:32:55 UTC · Comment

Only venus_beta tasks
Hi all.
At this moment only venus_beta tasks has been sent.
We want to check the amount of data involved in these tasks because some problems were detected in the previous tests.

22 Jul 2014, 11:04:28 UTC · Comment

No new tasks for a while
Hi all.
No new tasks will be sent this weekend.
New calculations in beta mode seem to eat disk space, so we must solve this issue next week.

Sorry and best,

11 Jul 2014, 19:58:33 UTC · Comment

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